The Reflection of color - Paper Project

like what I told you before, I'll post my old works and yes! it is.
This is my Fashion project with my friend. a very very first project ever.

 It's name "Paper Project". This project is we must design collection and make it real by paper.
 I mean cloth from paper!!

sound so fun isn't it but it still have a hard thing. In class my teacher will put 4 student in one group by randomly. no one know who you'll work with.
I got a really good friends but we have different style really different.

first girl is feminine girl, love pastel color with cute details but sometime avantgarde.
second girl is seriously masculine style and so minimalist. we call her "Alexander Wang".
third girl is garage , grunge, she like to work with a cool fabric like Jeans but sometime her work look like Versace. 
and another girl is me certainly! you know it. It's so different.
so we got a hard work to find what connection of each other.
 like if we like a same thing all what we all agree and would love to do it on this project.

in the end we got this.

(sorry for a bad quality scanner lol)

 I feel sorry that we don't have English version of concept information for you to read but I'll explain shortly. This collection is inspried by Rose Window of Gothic's stain glass, mix with a 1960's fashion style so this collection we want to show a contrast of an ancient historic architecture and age of fashion that change what they were become what we call "New Fashion".

 we decided to use a part of history that we all like "Gothic" but we divide to easy to wear.
minimalism and maximalism because we really can't decide how can we do we can't choose one between minimal or maximal.

2 minimalist do a jacket. another 2 maximalist do a dress.
and yes! I do a dress lol 
we decide to make a mini short dress like 60's girl style but put more a little bit saxy.

and we put more vivid color in rose window cut on the middle of the dress to make it look more interesting.

one more thing that I love of our dress is how we sew this dress because it's make form paper so we can't use a sewing machine, We use a stapler to stapled paper and you'll notice it till you realize paper can't be sew.

jacket we use a over size jacket to make you feel of "60's avantgarde age" and put a rose window's paper cut on the top in grey color like a real rose window Gothic architecture that when you look from out side it just a monochrome color but if you look inside you'll see a vivid color of glass that affect with sun shine (this's reason why this collection name "The reflection of color")


work by me,Nametone,Green,Ince -SGlaz

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