Some story of mysterious girl with the curtain

HI! Everyone. I think this entry it's maybe a first entry of this year. I'm feel sorry that never write anything for many years cause I busy with a lot of stuff like a high school graduate and exam to university but now everything look good.

 I'll go to school just only 1 or 2 days for some ceremony and yes!!!! My high school is nearly to done!!! I won't be a high school girl anymore it sound sad but relieved, about university I got in 2 good university there also good in Fashion and Art but in different way,it make me crazy for a few weeks cause I can't figure out which place I really want to study in. I love Silapakorn University,they are good in art. This University it's like make for art since first but SWU University is really best in Fashion and really hard to got in but finally I should Silapakorn University. I choose where I love most and I won't regret that I chose it. Everone keep ask me why I don't choose another one cause it not easy to be there everyone know it. Maybe what I chose it's wrong but I happy to choose it. 

 so it like my first time that I really can breathe, I can do whatever I want to do,I can sleep every time I tried , I can hangout anywhere, I can do a job I love and I also have a time for write something here.

In this years i got a lot of E-mail and comment for a lot of people who I never know before to make me continue update my blog and told me that I inspired them.

It feel like "unbelievable" I really want to say thanks you for everyone. I really happy with it so I'll write my blog as much as I can. and I also need you to keep follow me on and on, read my blog even I not good in writing but I'll try to.

Yesterday I take some photograph to use it as profile and for use in this blog.
Let's see!!!  

well well well so I'll update something soon maybe about my drawing or some story.
please check it soon....

PS. for who ever don't know me before you can check my Instargram "@shangrilaxxx"

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