Plato's Atlantis - My favorite colletion

My favorite Collection is ......

Plato's Atlantis spring/summer 2010

by Alexander McQueen 

many people think this collection just come from Butterfly and snakes but it's more then that

this collection Inspired  by the story of Plato,No one know it's true or not but I believe it.......
 this story tell about so far ago Atlantis it's a prosperous and strong island,everything it's really perfect.
 but one day The Island of Atlantis  in the sea “disappear” beneath the flood waters

and no one can see it again ....... 

so Lee Alexander McQueen use this  story to connect with what he believe " The Flood myth"

He think one day The humans and The animals will learn to survive under the sea 

and we'll evolution to be like a fish or something like that.

so that why In the early of this show it begin from The dress that inspired by butterfly,snake and natural
but at last it inspired by  jellyfish and the sea

and this is my Illustration 

hope u like its!!!



PS.I know that I have a mistakes in my language ,I feel sorry about and please tell me if u see it. 

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